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Why choose Message ON a Bottle for your corporate gifts?

A completely personalized, high-quality wine bottle is a unique object, characterized by a significant difference between its cost and perceived value.

The endless customization possibilities allow adapting the product to any business need (customer loyalty, acquiring new clients, communication campaigns, conventions, etc.).

Wine possesses intrinsic characteristics that make it particularly suitable as a gift, universally recognized as a symbol of Made in Italy excellence, both in Italy and abroad.

The proposed wines result from a careful selection: what is inside the bottle always reflects a production philosophy based on quality, contributing to making your corporate gift even more appreciated.

Message ON a Bottle offers a comprehensive service, from label creation to packaging, to shipment management with a tracking service for real-time updates on the status of each delivery.

Definite processing and delivery times enable meeting any requirement, even if urgent or unforeseen.


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